SKid steer 82" rock bucket grapple
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Rock Bucket Grapple 82" wide

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Metz Pro Series 82” wide Skid Steer Brush and Rock Grapple.

The Metz Pro Series grapple is designed to work as hard as you do. With multi-task capabilities, this grapple is ready to perform!



Multiple Task: 

+Grub brush

+Easily pick up rocks from fields

+Sift dirt for large rock removal

+Rake and prepare seed beds

+Remove manure from pens

+Move downed trees

+Scrap clean up

Unit Dimensions and Weight:

+Width 82” x Depth 44" x Height 28" (closed)

+Weight 970 lbs.


Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

(includes shipping pallet)

+Length 82" x Width 44" x Height 34"

+Weight 1038 lbs.




+Industry leading CNC plasma cut 3/8” tines spaced 3" apart. 

+Tines are connected to one another via 3/4" x 2" flat for added strength.

+Constructed with high strength grade 50 steel.

+(2) Independent grapples 

+(2) 2” x 8” hydraulic cylinders, featuring 1 ¼” heavy duty rams.

+Universal skid steer mounting plate.

+Massive 39 ½” grapple opening.

+Hydraulic hoses securely mounted.

+Flush face skid steer coupling included and installed.

+Removable bolt on sides allow for extra capacity.

+Includes a flat bar on the rear to double as a land leveler.

+Features a rock dam and tine notch to hold back rocks while digging.

+Completely factory assembled, pressure tested and ready for use.

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