Low Profile Dirt Bucket Spill Guard Kit


Metz Pro Series offers FIVE Low Profile Dirt Bucket Spill Guard Kit configurations to choose from:

  • 62″, 68″, 74″, 80″, 84″ wide

The Spill Guard adds more capacity to skid steer buckets while protecting cylinders, hoses, and the front part of the machine. The see through design still allows the operator to see the cutting edge. Ten bolts hold this guard on to the Metz Pro Series Low Profile Dirt Bucket from 62″ to 84″. The Spill Guard Kit covers the full width of the bucket, and comes with 2 support brackets on the back of the Spill Guard and all hardware.

Choose an option:

Product Length in. Width in. Height in. Weight lbs.
62 75
68 85
74 95
80 105
84 113

Weight N/A


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