Bale Spear Insert Sleeve


Whether you are looking to replace conus spears on an existing bale mover, add spears to a new bale mover or if you desire to modify your bale mover, Metz Pro Series has the best products at a great price!

Metz Pro Series offers THREE Bale Spear Insert Sleeve configurations to choose from:

  • Conus 1 Sleeve, Conus 2 Sleeve, or Conus 3 Sleeve

Weld-in-place sleeve inserts for all Metz Pro Series Bale Spears. The Conus Sleeve is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who wishes to modify their bale mover spear configurations from the manufactured locations. The sleeve allows you to place a mounting point onto your bale mover exactly where you need it with just a little welding.

Add in our high quality bale spears and replacement nuts. Metz Pro Series helps you get the job done!

Chose an option:

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Product Diameter Length Weight
Conus 1 1 ¾” 4 ¾” 2 lbs
Conus 2 2 ⅛” 4 ¾” 3 lbs
Conus 3 2 ⅜” 6 1⁄2″ 5 lbs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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